About Me

My name is Danitte Kozai and I’m a teacher in York Region, Ontario. I teach high school math and computer science. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and mathematics and a Bachelor of Education, both from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.  In this blog I will share my lessons, ideas and experiences with teaching students to think critically about math. I’m passionate about inquiry-based learning, 3-act math tasks, growth mindset, student teacher mentoring, and all things Desmos. When I’m not in a high school classroom, you can find me at the gym, coaching, playing volleyball, or at Starbucks (usually lesson planning or marking).

The #MTBoS Community

When I was a teacher candidate, my host teacher introduced me to the #MTBoS community: a group of math educators from Ontario, the US, and around the world who are passionate about making students curious about mathematics. These teachers share their ideas through Twitter and on their own blogs. I was lucky to learn about #MTBoS at the beginning of my career, and the first stop whenever I’m planning a lesson is my database of math teacher blogs and resources.  As I’ve gotten more experience, I’ve also started to create some of my own resources, which I’m happy to share.

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