Those who know me or have seen my past posts, know that I use Google Sheets to organize the online resources I use for my teaching. I have a general spreadsheet of all sorts of math resources, plus a spreadsheet for each course I’ve taught or am currently teaching. If I see an idea for a lesson, activity or project that I like, I add it to the spreadsheet under the appropriate unit.


Over the summer I go back and organize the resources a bit more so that they are also organized roughly by topic (or course expectation).


A few people have asked if I could share these resources, so I decided to share them here. I will try to update them at the end of each school year or semester. Right now I only have spreadsheets for the courses I’ve taught or am going to teach next year – which isn’t very many, but hopefully that will change in the next few years. Here they are:

Grade 10 Applied Math: MFM2P

Grade 10 Academic Math: MPM2D

Grade 11 University Math: MCR3U

Grade 12 Data Management: MDM4U

If you have anything to add to any of my resources, feel free to contact me!